We have the laziest cat in the world. You can’t cheat the toy.


There is a staggering man
Still ruining all of our plans
Overturned the last stone
Crossing honesty’s barriers once again
So lock me inside for all of the day
I’ll watch the ocean roar as she swallows her wake
We skirt around the stars, as if we were never invited at all
And lean off the tower alive, always ingesting the fall
Floating back up, on the side of the bowl - like a fish that just died
Now I’m outside of the fold
Like the stargazing owl that watches nature shake
It’s odd how we lay down and absorb the mistake
Imaginations are eliminating all sense of whats real
Surrealistic but understood
Put your dignity somewhere that you will never forget
And retrieve it when you need it
Everyone looks so good
Should I tremble a bit?
I’m addicted but I’m aware
Shallow pool of destiny
Swim far, chasing the sounds of torture
Resplendent and justified, you are discovering who you are
Envisioned disorder
This is why we deny the bad things that we’ve seen
Staggering onward into the waves of the sea